A valued employment service company

Fair rental employment services for 10 years already

The employment agency Kipinä Oy was established in 2010. Throughout its existence and activity, it has been focused on providing foreign work power in Finland. Currently the company has partners in Slovakia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania and Latvia, as well as its own recruitment and employment agency in Poland, Ilves Sp. z o.o.

Kipinä is a member of the Henkilöstöpalveluyritysten Liitto HPL (Association of Personnel Service Companies) and has achieved authorization already in 2011. This reflects Kipinä's responsibility as a partner that always acts in accordance with applicable law. Employing through Kipinä is always fair to both the employee and the company using rental manpower. We always strive to serve both our customers and our employees in their own language, so that cooperation between the customer and the employee is as smooth as possible.

Compliance with collective agreements and international policies

The authorized company is committed to act responsibly and to follow clear rules, i.a. in personal data processing and in the foreign workers’ recruitment processes. Companies are committed to take care of well-being and competences of temporary workers.

The Association of Personnel Services Companies has developed a code of conduct for the personnel services area, which is largely based on the international principles in the field. Kipinä is committed to follow these policies, paying particular attention to company's ethical values ​​and employer's obligations.

Our policy

All Kipinä's operations’ guiding values are, above all, focus on customer, responsibility and righteousness. Common values ​​are reflected in the way our personnel works and serves both customers and employees. Our business is based on trust, which means that our experienced staff provides our customers with skilled employees within agreed time limits, at a competitive price. Acting in accordance with these values ​​makes Kipinä a qualitatively strong and eligible employer and a trusted assignments’ implementer for its clients.

Our services

Staff hiring services

  • an easy and flexible way to find a skilled employee
  • way to save your time, while we find the right employees for your business
  • final decision concerning personnel selection is made by customer, unless otherwise agreed
  • you only pay for actual worked hours
  • the suitable employee can be easily transferred directly to your company


  • our experienced staff will take care of recruiting new specialists to client’s company
  • we identify the best candidates, so the client company can choose the right employee


  • we take responsibility for the comprehensive management of agreed with client company activities
  • you can entirely focus on your core competencies
  • you guarantee cost savings to your business
  • your organization functioning becomes more flexible
  • implementing all necessary modifications becomes easier

Translations and interpreter services:

  • English
  • Polish

Establishment in Poland

If you are interested in establishing business in Poland, we are ready to assist you while realizing this on every phase of this project. If you already have experience in establishing or need help only with specific areas of this activity, we can also focus on targeted consulting in a narrower sector. Experts from our Polish office have extensive experience in establishing services, which will expedite the start-up of Finnish companies in Poland.

Contact in establishment regarding matters
Managing director Juha Kivimäki
Telephone +358 400 403 242