Leased Manpower for Companies

Why lease from Poland?

A Polish worker

  • is proficient
  • respects his foreman
  • is well motivated to work abroad
  • is diligent
  • has a high regard for Finland

To which fields?

Kipinä has provided manpower for example to

  • machine workshops
  • shipyards
  • construction works
  • electric- and other assembly works

What specific know-how from Poland?

In addition to common professions, workforce from Poland is available also for example to

  • demanding renovation and refurbishment of buildings
  • technical research and development (product development, laboratories, research facilities)

Kipinä philosophy 1:

We provide people, who are

  • highly proficient and experienced in their fields
  • ready for long-term employment
  • used to different work and residential conditions
  • obedient to rules and regulations

Kipinä philosophy 2:

Our work has clear principles

  • we comply with the laws of EU, Finland and Poland
  • we comply with current collective agreements

We attend to that employees provided by us are aware and comply with the rules and regulations regarding their specific fields.

Employees provided by Kipinä:

  • are in the country and work legally, all paperwork done
  • receive their salary to a Finnish bank account
  • pay their taxes
  • have Finnish insurance coverage
  • have Finnish employees’ health care

Kipinä handles the required contacts with authorities:

  • Directorate of Immigration
  • police
  • registry office
  • tax authority
  • TE-keskus

Where do You need Kipinä?

You need Kipinä in 4 different stages:

  1. To find the correct labor force
  2. To arrange the immigration
    • permissions and agreements
    • travel arrangements
    • getting an apartment and possibly a vehicle (under Kipinä Oy)
  3. Solving possible problems during the employment
  4. At the end of the employment
    • ending the employment contract
    • returning the apartment etc.
    • cancellation of electric-, internet- and other agreements
    • travel arrangements

Your task will be:

  • On-site orientation and guidance of the employee
  • Supervising
  • Informing Kipinä about possible problems

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