Leased Manpower for Companies

Does a shortage of labor harm your business? We can help!

There is a continuous deficiency of skilled workers in certain sectors and localities in Finland. For some positions, professionals are not easy to found, and if there are any, they are often temporary.

Younger generations move to bigger cities to study and they often stay there. Concurrently, elder age classes are heading retirement age or have already retired, which means that, especially in small localities, finding the necessary human resources is not easy.


Kipinä helps whenever:

  • Generally no skilled professionals for the specific work are available in Finland, e.g. new specialists are no longer trained in the profession
  • Finding professionals is difficult in specific region
  • Skilled workers are not attracted to employment opportunities in smaller localities


Skilled and experienced workers from traditionally industrialized countries

Kipinä has co-partner companies in Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania and Latvia, as well as its own recruitment and employment agency in Poland, Ilves Sp. z o.o.

We provide a skilled, educated and experienced workforce that meets our client companies’ requirements. Through Kipinä you will find i.a. reliable CNC machinists, welders, laminators and food industry workers. We currently have a large pool of knowledgeable professionals from various fields, who can help your company e.g. in carrying out ongoing projects, during peak periods or they can even consolidate as part of your regular staff. We have also accomplished numerous project-related assignments abroad.

We support work-related immigration and have cooperated among others with ELY-keskus (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment) in a joint project on work-related migration. As part of the project we have organized supplement trainings (i.a. Finnish language courses) and enabled early work coaching or interpreting services in client companies.


Kipinä provides workforce as a complete service so the client company doesn’t need to worry about the bureaucracy or possible language challenges

It is important to us that our employees are reliable, flexible, motivated, ready for both short- and long-term employment relationships, and comply with work regulations and laws. Kipinä's employees are legally employed in Finland and are covered by Finnish insurance and occupational health care.

Kipinä takes care of initial selections and interviews on behalf of the client. When the customer accepts proposed employee, Kipinä begins preparations in order to organize employee's coming to Finland. At the beginning of the employment relationship, we acquire, if needed: accommodation, vehicles, permits and cards for our employees, as well as at the end of the employment relationship we take care of all obligations incumbent on the employer, including cancellation of various contracts (housing, water, internet, electricity, etc.). We also take care of travel arrangements to the home country etc.

In case when customer company decides on taking employee to work, the client company will only be responsible for employee’s introduction to work, management at workplace and informing Kipinä in case of possible changes or difficulties. Our staff speaks not only Finnish and English, but also Polish and Romanian. We also have Hungarian, Bulgarian and Slovak interpreters available. As a result, we are always able to ensure that our employees understand our clients' job roles and guidelines.


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